SCARPA Vapour V Climbing Shoes SS22

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SCARPA Vapour V Climbing Shoes SS22 - B07MKS4WKD

  • Rubber sole

  • Microsuede Upper - Ensures flexibility and support.

  • Bonded Heel - Ensures a locked-down, durable fit.

  • Rubberised Toe-Box - Supports secure toe hooking.

  • Velcro Closure System - Ensures added midfoot support.

  • Talyn Midsole - Ensures flexible support.

  • Scarpa Vapour V Climbing Shoes A precise, versatile and best-selling shoe that marries a comfortable fit with steep climbing performance, the redesigned Vapor V features fresh colours, a microfiber upper and our Bi-Tension active rand for a premium combo of durability and sensitivity. Microsuede Upper Constructed using a microsuede upper, the Scarpa Vapour V Climbing Shoes are worthy of any outdoor adventure. Designed to provide the right amount of flexibility and support, the upper conforms to the shape of the foot yet, retains its elasticity for a better, more supportive fit. The microsuede upper ensures the shoes hold their shape for long that other leather equivalents plus, its soft on the skin for complete comfort. The heel is bonded directly to the outsole meaning you get the same level of support and durability in the heel as you do in the outsole. The rubber in the heel protects you from knocks whilst heel stitching is effective in relieving pressure on the Achilles tendon for added comfort. Added protection also comes from the rubberised toe box which protects the toes from knocks and scrapes and, ribbed to support secure toe hooking. Lastly, an innovative closure system consisting of two velcro straps that pull in the opposite direction ensures a locked-down fit for added midfoot support. Talyn Midsole The midsole of the Scarpa Vapour V Climbing Shoes is specially designed to ensure maximum support with added flex. The Talyn midsole is 1.5mm thick to ensure a level of support that doesn't compromise on weight. Added flexibility in the rearfoot makes for great smearing whilst added support in the forefoot allows you to cling on to the smallest footholds. The midsole actively spreads the force for sustained periods on technical face climbs. The Vapour V is moderately downturned to allow your feet to form a position that's best for climbing. The Bi-Tension rand is specially designed to connect the toe and the heel of the shoe to increase overall